Ascend is a short film, written and produced by a crew of students from Universities and industry professionals throughout Utah. It is a dark science-fiction story filled with questions about the future of the human race and the nature of humanity itself. Set in the not too distant future, the fate of all mankind will be decided by the choices of 10 individuals, whose intertwined lives and shared destiny will bring about the beginning of the end. It is the vision come-to-life of local directing wünderkind Denver James Harward and startup production company RIPPLE MEDIA, whose directing credits include short films “Alter”, “Searchers” and most recently LDS film festival special mention “Exodus”. This is our most ambitious project to date, with multiple shooting locations across northern and southern Utah, a crew of more than 25 individuals behind the scenes and in front of the camera and early access to revolutionary prosumer filming equipment. 

The filmmakers are raising money to finish this film.  Find out more at indiegogo.

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