Our Story

Here at Wrappled, we make cool, informative videos about each and every one of our unique products. We love producing them, but we also make them for all of our wonderful customers.

As frequent online shoppers ourselves, we realized that when we wanted to buy something, images of a product wouldn’t tell us much. Other times, reading through text descriptions would just confuse us more. We came to understand that to improve the overall shopping experience of our users, videos could communicate and convey information that images and text simply could not. So what did we do? We went out and made some videos. And while we were filming them, we thought to ourselves ‘hey, why not make them entertaining?’ So we did that too. Or at least we tried to. 

From there, Wrappled was born. So here at Wrappled, each one of our unique products is paired with an informative and entertaining product video for you to enjoy. That being said, kick your feet back and bring out the popcorn—online shopping has never been more fun to watch!

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Our Story

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